Extending trials

Apps that have monetized through monday can now offer trial extensions for users!

Trial extensions can help attract new paying users to your app while simultaneously providing a better customer experience and generating profit for you. What could be better than that?

Why should I extend trials?

Trial periods, in general, offer users the chance to learn about your app and use all its features risk-free. They get the same benefits as paid users for a limited time and may be more likely to purchase a plan once the trial period ends.

Extending a trial period can be a helpful tactic to convert users to paid plans. For example, you could offer select users trial extensions as they near the end of their trial period based on their usage and potential to convert and communicate it to them via email. Extended trials give users more time to familiarize themselves with the app without risking their money upfront. Once the user is more comfortable with the app and its features, they're more likely to pay for a plan once the trial ends.

How to extend a trial

If you want to provide an account with a trial extension, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Monetization page.
  2. Navigate to the Extend Trial Plan column.
  3. Obtain the Account ID and put it in the Account ID field.
  4. Select the plan for which you want to extend the trial.
  5. Specify how long the extension should last.
  6. Click Set.

Error messages

Error messageIssue
Failed to extend trial - Check your inputsUser entered invalid input (for example, 999 days)
Failed to extend trial - Invalid account detailsAccount with the provided account ID doesn't exist
Failed to extend trial - Account missing monetized install of applicationThe app is not installed on the account
Failed to extend trial - Existing app subscriptionAccount already purchased a subscription
Failed to extend trial - User cannot extend trialsGranting user can't provide trial extensions


How do I obtain an Account ID?

You can run the following query in the API to obtain an Account ID.

query {
  me {
    account {

What is the maximum extension period?

You can provide a trial extension for up to 365 days.

Can I provide a trial extension after the initial trial period has ended?


How does a user know that their trial has ended?

We will notify them on the monday platform that their trial period is over and prompt them to pick another plan.


Can I create a new trial for a customer who already subscribes to a paid plan to provide them with a 100% discount?

No. If a customer already has a paid plan, you cannot give them a trial extension.

Let's say I sit in the US and want to extend a trial for a customer in the EU. Can I provide trial extensions across different regions?

For now, the system will not let you extend a trial for a customer in a different region. If you find yourself in this situation, please email us and we can manually give your customer a trial extension.