Sharing your apps with customers

Learn how to share your monday apps with your customers and the world!

Different Ways to Share Your Apps

monday apps are a fantastic way of expanding your workflow and capabilities when using for your team. There are two different ways that you can share your monday apps.


These are apps that you develop and would only like to share with specific users. This approach is great if you’ve built a private application for a specific client, or for some internal teams.


These are apps that are available for anyone to use. We recommend submitting your app to the monday apps marketplace. If your app is approved by our team, it will be available for all monday users to see and install on their account.

Sharing Your App - Privately

If you’re looking to share your app with specific accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Developer's section in your Avatar menu:

  2. Create an app, or click on an existing one on your account.

  3. Promote the current version of your app to live. To learn more about versioning, check out this article: App Versioning

  4. Once you're ready to share it, click the Publish pane. Accept the developer terms and click "Publish App".

  5. Copy the link and share it with your clients!

  6. If you want to restrict access to only a few clients, click the "Share with specific monday accounts" and list their account URLs.

Once you share the app and a user installs it on their account, they'll be able to access it through the marketplace. They'll need to click on the Apps puzzle piece icon on the left of the platform, navigate to Installed Apps, and locate the app in the Installed outside the marketplace section.


Sharing Your App - App Marketplace

Having your app listed in the monday apps marketplace is the best way to reach as many monday users as possible.

Before you submit your app, you need to ensure it follows our Marketplace Guidelines.

Read this guide to learn more about getting your app ready for approval: Submitting Your App to the Apps Marketplace

Sharing Your App - Community

You can choose to share your application publicly without submitting to the App Marketplace if you wish to do so. Please note however, applications that have not been approved by monday will show a banner indicating they have not been vetted by the team.

To share your application this way, please follow Steps 1-3 on the above tutorial, and share your app’s installation URL with anyone you would like to install the application. You can also go ahead and post it on our monday community.

Congratulations Builder!

Congratulations! You now have a published application which you can share with other users. If you have any questions, go ahead and post in our Developer's Community!