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Once you have finished building, you can focus on other aspects of your app, like graphics, descriptions, and pricing! All these elements are required to <a href="https://developer.monday.com/apps/docs/submit-your-app" target="_blank">submit</a> your app to the marketplace, so you need to understand the guidelines and requirements for each.

Since there are many different pieces, we've created this document that breaks down each element, explains all the guidelines, and shares valuable examples to help you complete your app submission. Let's get started!

# Written content

## Short description

Users see the short description on the app card as they browse the marketplace, so it is the perfect opportunity to grab their attention immediately! In one line, you should briefly explain what the app is, what it does, and how it will bring direct value to users. Try to write action-based descriptions using active verbs like add, implement, create, update, visualize, etc.


  • Up to 60 characters

**For example:** _Send, sign, and store all your documents on your monday.com board_ or _Instantly get your documents signed._


## Long description

Users see the long description on your app’s listing page below the main video/photo carousel. It should explain the benefits, problems solved, or possible results.

The long description should also focus on how monday.com users will use the app from inside the platform by including specific examples or use cases. Try to write action-based descriptions using active verbs like add, implement, create, update, visualize, etc.


  • 200 to 2,000 characters

  • Use line breaks or bulleted lists when possible

We recommend following this template:

_Paragraph 1:_ Highlight the key benefit of your app, the problem you solve, and the core use case or example. Ensure that users can understand what your app does in just one paragraph.

_Paragraph 2:_ Dive into additional benefits, share more use cases, and provide more context about your app.

_Paragraph 3:_ Include a sentence that links to a page where users can find more details, like your help doc or app landing page.


## _Works on_ tab

All of your app features should have separate descriptions that appear on the _Works on_ tab on the app listing card. They should outline what each feature does and what users can gain.

All your features should have different names to eliminate confusion, and you should try to include your app’s name in the title!

**For example:** _[App name] Item_ or _[App name] Board_


  • Write different descriptions for each feature

  • 70 characters or less


# Plan pricing

If your app is not free to use, you need to create different <a href="https://developer.monday.com/apps/docs/monetization#plan-tiers-and-pricing" target="_blank">plans</a> and price them accordingly. Remember that you cannot change the price once the plan goes live!

You should name each plan according to the main benefit it provides. For example, you could call the plans Free, Advanced, and Pro to emphasize the features each plan includes. We also recommend using bullet points to list each plan's main features.


  • Use round prices or numbers that end with nine for monthly pricing

  • Use amounts that are multiples of 12 for yearly pricing


# Marketplace discoverability

## Keywords

Add up to 10 relevant keywords to optimize search results and increase your app's discoverability.

## App categories

Our app marketplace allows users to browse apps based on their category. Select up to three categories that your app falls under from the following list:

  • CRM

  • Marketing

  • Software Development

  • Team Management

  • Project management

  • Productivity & Efficiency

  • Integrations

  • Collaboration

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Import & Export

  • Sustainability

# Graphics

To complete your submission to the app marketplace, you must create various graphics for the app card, icon, and gallery. You can use this <a href= "https://www.figma.com/file/IwI8ZqdmztFo1ihXP5otoj/%5BMarketplace%5D-Partners-assets-library?node-id=0%3A1&t=z9Zuc7GR82f173gR-0" target= "_blank" rel=" nofollow">template</a> to customize and download images for your submission, or you can create your own.

If you need help creating them, turn to the professionals! You can use your $250 <a href="https://www.fiverr.com/join?utm_source=330629&utm_medium=cx_affiliate&utm_campaign=apps_marketplace&afp=&cxd_token=330629_14961189&show_join=true" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Fiverr</a> credit to develop graphics for your account by completing this <a href="https://forms.monday.com/forms/c45c08ceac3e3e773d81dedb98314aef?r=use1" target="_blank">request form</a> to get the credit. Once approved, we will add $250 to your Fiverr account, which you can use to create content for your app listing page!

## App card

The app card image is the first thing users will see while scrolling through the marketplace. The picture should reflect your brand and app's identity while compelling users to click on your app card.


You should submit a zoomed-in screenshot of part of your app that highlights the app's functionality. You can also write 1-2 sentences that convey your app's primary value proposition.

Because of the image size, keep your text very brief and use a big font. Avoid using long sentences, tiny text, detailed screenshots of your app, or using your app icon again.

You can use these <a href= "https://www.figma.com/file/UVO2nlYXCqqJULGrSIE3aQ/%5BMarketplace%5D-Asset-library?node-id=214%3A162792&t=2AUwTsyFkDR0fmFD-0" target= "_blank">assets </a>to get started on your design!


  • 592 px by 348 px

  • JPG or PNG


## App icon

The icon serves as the introduction to your app for users, so it should convey the essence of your app using a single element. It should be recognizable, and you must prove that you can legally use the icon in the monday.com app marketplace.


You can select the icon's background color and adjust the size and crop if needed. We also recommend adding padding on all sides and staying within the frame.

Avoid complex and small details on the icon, as the image will be too small for users to see.

You should treat your icon like a business card - if it is pixelated, stretched, or vague, it may indicate that your app experience could also be clunky.


  • 192 px by 192 px

  • JPG or PNG


## Developer icon

This icon appears in the developer section and helps users see who built each app. We will share your app icon if you do not provide one.


  • 192x192 resolution

  • JPG or PNG

## App gallery images

Create 3-5 images that highlight your app's key benefits, help users understand what it does in five seconds or less, and reflect the brand and identity of your app.


These images should combine cropped, focused screenshots with short statements highlighting your app's benefits. They should visually highlight your app's functionality and features instead of simply showing a screenshot of the full product. We also recommend using a colored background to ensure the images stand out in all themes, including dark mode.

Each image should focus on one value proposition that solves one of your customer's pain points. You can write the primary value prop in the pictures and then add detailed benefits throughout the app listing page. Try to use short paragraphs to explain what the users need to know.


  • 1920 px by 960 px

  • JPG or PNG


## App videos

Use this video to demonstrate your app’s features, functionality, and user interface of your app to help boost install rates! Remember that this is a promo video, not a demo one. It should focus on your app's value when used with monday.com.

Make sure that you select a visually-compelling thumbnail for your video!


  • 30 to 60 seconds

  • HD or 4K

  • Up to 50 MB

  • MP4


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