You can use the `monday.get` software development kit (SDK) method to retrieve data from the parent application where your app is currently running. This object can only be used in client-side apps.

## Parameters

  • `type`: The type of requested information (available values below)

  • `params`: Reserved for future use

The available types that can be requested are:

`'context'`Information about where this app is currently displayed, depending on the type of feature
`'settings'`The application settings as configured by the user that installed the app
`'itemIds'`The list of item IDs that are filtered in the current board (or all items if no filters are applied)
`'sessionToken'`A JWT token that is decoded with your client secret and can be used as a session token between your app's frontend and backend
`'filter'`The state of the search filter
`'location'`The URL location within an app

## Returns

A `Promise` that will be resolved with the requested data.

## Examples

### Requesting context and settings data

### Sample context objects for each feature type

### Requesting the list of items currently in view in the board

Use the `itemIds` type to return the items that are currently visible on the board. If the user uses the board filter to reduce the records on the board, this method will return a list of items that satisfy this filter.

### Getting the search term from the board search

Use the `filter` type to return the value that the user entered into the board search.

### Getting the URL location within an app

The SDK allows you to get a location value inside an app and returns the href, query, and search. You can also use the `monday.listen("location")` <a href="" target="_blank">SDK method</a> to listen to the location value.

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