If you have monetized your app with monday, you can now offer discounts to accounts!

Discounts can help you attract new users and convert free users to paid plans. They can also help provide users with a better customer experience while generating more profits for you. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

## Why should I offer discounts?

After first thought, offering a discounted rate may seem counterintuitive. If you want to generate more profit, why would you provide discounts to app users?

Contrary to popular belief, discounts can actually bring new paid users to your app and help retain current users.

For example, you could offer a discount to a user nearing the end of a trial. The discount may help increase the odds of converting them into a paid user. You could directly reach out to the user to offer a limited-time discount if they decide to purchase a paid plan.

In the same way, you can offer a discount to users on your app's free plan (if it has one). The discounted rate may encourage them to convert from the free plan to the lowest paid plan. You can contact them using their email and offer an ad-hoc discount.

You can also offer users a discount to transition them from their current plan to a higher one. Let's say that a paid user is reaching the limits of their plan. They generate 490 PDFs monthly, but their plan limits them to 500. You can contact them directly to offer a discount if they upgrade to a higher tier.

As you can see, there are many instances in which discounts can help you generate more profit and improve the overall customer experience!

Please note that you can only offer discounts to users pre-purchasing the plan. You cannot provide a discount for a plan if the customer is already paying for the same tier.

## How to create a discount

If you want to provide an account with a discount, follow these steps:

  1. On monday.com, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.

  2. Select **Developers**. This will open the _Developer Center_ in another tab.

  3. Open the _Monetization_ tab.

  4. Navigate to the _Grant Discount_ column.

  5. Enter the _Account slug_. You can obtain the account slug from your webhooks or by querying the account through the <a href="https://developer.monday.com/api-reference/docs/account#fields" target="_blank">API</a>.

<!--**Note:** You can simultaneously add up to 5 accounts in the _Account ID_ field. Ensure that each ID is separated by a comma! For example, _123456789, 987654321, 567891234_.\\\\\\-->

  1. Select the plan for which you want to offer a discount.

  2. Specify if the discount is for a monthly or yearly plan.

  3. Designate whether or not you want the discount to reoccur. **Please note** that there currently isn't an option to cancel a recurring discount.

  4. Type in the percentage of the discount that you would like to offer.

  5. Enter the duration of the discount.

  6. Click **Set**.

After offering the discount, the user can view the plan options in the app. They must select the plan for which you provided a discount, and the reduced rate will appear.

## Error messages

Error messageIssue
Failed to grant discount - Check your inputsUser entered invalid input (for example, a negative discount percentage)
Failed to grant discount - Invalid account detailsAccount with the provided account ID doesn't exist
Failed to grant discount - App isn't installed on the accountThe app is not installed on the account
Failed to grant discount - User cannot grant discountsGranting user cannot provide discounts

## FAQs

### Can I provide a discount to an account that has already purchased a plan?

No, you can only provide a discount on a new plan subscription. You can provide a discount for a new plan if an account already has an active plan and wants to switch to a different tier.

### Can I create a discount code and offer it to all users?

You cannot generate a code that multiple accounts can use. The system requires you to specify which account you want to provide a discount for by inserting an account slug.

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