After building your monday app, you can keep the app for use on your own account or share it with others. If you decide to share it, you can share your app **privately** or **publicly**.

**Private apps** are those that you develop and share with specific users only. These apps are useful when building private applications for a specific client or internal teams. On the contrary, **public apps** are available for anyone to use. You can even <a href="" target="_blank">submit your app</a> to the marketplace to make it available for all monday users to see and install on their accounts.

# Sharing your app privately

Follow these steps if you only want to share your app with specific accounts:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

  2. Select **Developers**. This will open the _Developer Center_ in a new tab.

  3. Create a new app or click on an existing one.

  4. Navigate to the _App versions_ tab.

  5. Promote the current version of your app to live. Check out this article to learn more about <a href="" target="_blank">versioning</a>!

  6. Navigate to the _Share_ tab.

  7. Once you're ready to share it, accept the developer terms and click **Publish App**.

  8. Copy the shareable URL and send it to your clients! If you want to restrict access to only a few clients, select **Share with specific monday accounts** and list their account URLs.

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  1. Once you share the app and a user installs it on their account, they can access it through the marketplace. They can click on the **Apps** puzzle piece icon in the top left corner, navigate to _Installed Apps_, and locate the app in the _Installed outside the marketplace_ section.


# Sharing your app publicly

## App marketplace

The app marketplace provides a centralized location for users to discover and install new applications that enhance their workflows. Listing your app in the marketplace is the best way to reach as many monday users as possible.

Each app goes through the review process to help ensure that they all comply with our marketplace guidelines. Before submitting your app, we recommend verifying that it meets all requirements to save time during the review process. Check out our <a href="" target="_blank">app review checklist</a> to see all of the requirements and easily track your progress.

Once you've completed the checklist, you can <a href="" target="_blank">submit it for marketplace approval</a>. After completing the submission form, a team member will work directly with you to address issues or concerns using a shared board before approving it for the marketplace.

## Community

If you don't want to submit your app to the marketplace, you can still share it publicly to reach new users! It's important to note that applications without monday approval will show a banner to indicate that the team hasn't vetted them.

To share your app publicly, follow steps 1-7 above. From there, you can share the URL with anyone so they can install the app. You can also reach more users by sharing it in our <a href="" target="_blank">monday community</a>!

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