Ability to sort `items_page` results by creation or last updated date

We recently added the ability to sort and filter items_page results by either their last updated or creation dates.

Webhooks improvements

We've recently made a few updates and improvements to our webhooks to help provide you with a better developer experience. Let's check them out!

New `next_items_page` object for cursor-based pagination

In the 2023-10 API release, we introduced the items_page object which utilizes cursor-based pagination to retrieve smaller groups of items from a large data set. This object must be nested inside of a boards query, so it has a high complexity cost.

Updates to MirrorValue, DependencyValue, and BoardRelationValue column values

We have removed support for the text field on MirrorValue, DependencyValue, and BoardRelationValue column values. We have replaced it with the new display_value field to return text values for the connect boards, dependency, and mirror columns.

Updates to the `DependencyValue`implementation

We recently updated the DependencyValue implementation, so you can now return both the linked_items and the linked_item_ids for dependency columns when querying through column_values V2.

New `after_column_id` argument

The new after_column_id argument on the create_column mutation allows you to specify which column to create the new one after. This argument is available in API versions 2023-07 and later. Check out our documentation for more info!

Breaking change: Removed the deprecated `items` field on groups queries, replaced with `items_page`

The deprecated items field on the groups object will be removed and replaced with items_page in API version 2023-10. Please see our previous announcement for more information about the items_page field.

Important update: Delaying January 1st API changes to January 15th

Due to the new year's holiday, we are delaying the API versioning release dates from January 1st, 2024, to January 15th, 2024. That said, the following will happen on January 15th at 8:00 AM GMT:

API playground upgrade part 2

We previously announced an upgrade to the API playground when accessing it through your monday.com account, but those upgrades are now also available in our public API!

Warning messages now included in API responses

We've added warning messages to a number of our API calls!