New "boards" object field

We recently added the item_terminology field to the boards object! You can now retrieve the nickname for items on boards using this field. Please note that users can input a custom nickname or select one from a predefined list.

API playground upgrade

We recently updated our API playground to provide a more intuitive and seamless user experience. This update includes a completely revamped UI, tabs that allow you to open multiple sessions at once, HTTP header support, and history tracking.

Reminder: Deprecating weak cipher support

Starting April 15th, 2023, we will deprecate connections from Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, or earlier because they use weak ciphers. This update will not impact support for TLS 1.3.

Bug fix: Sending an empty array to clear a dropdown column

We recently fixed a bug that now allows you to clear a dropdown column by sending an empty array in one of the following mutations:

Expanded subitems support in activity logs

We recently added subitem support for update_column_value and create_pulse activity log queries. Each event has both the parent_board_id and parent_item_id properties. This change will not be applied retroactively, but all events moving forward will contain this information.

Update to the "users" object

You can now return an account's non-active users with the non_active argument. Check out our documentation to learn more!

New "docs" and "blocks" queries and mutations

Today marks a huge milestone as we release the ability to build apps inside workdocs! As part of this release, we have a new set of queries and mutations to read and update workdocs via the API.

New capability: Creating or updating a group's position

We recently added the position argument or attribute to the update_group and create_group mutations. This new addition allows you to create a group with a specific position or update a group's position using a string that contains a numeric value. The higher the number, the lower the group sits; the lower the number, the higher the group sits.

Breaking change: Naming column IDs updates

Starting February 13th, if you create a column via the API with a title of 20 characters or less, the column ID will relate to the title. For example, if your column title is This is my column, then the column ID will be this_is_my_column.

Breaking change: Bug fix for teams query

We recently fixed unexpected API behavior that returned all users after running a teams query with an empty array for the ids argument. Now, if you send an empty array, it will return no users.