Release notes


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Breaking changes

  • Removed the deprecated items field on boards queries, replaced it with items_page

  • Removed the deprecated items field on groups queries, replaced it with items_page

  • New column values fields and typed column values

  • Removed the deprecated items_by_column_values and items_by_multiple_column_values objects, replaced them with items_page_by_column_values

  • The column_type field on the create_column mutation is now a required field

  • Empty parentheses are no longer supported

  • Quotation marks for strings are now required

  • Removed the deprecated pos fields on boards and columns queries

  • The type field on columns queries has changed from String! to ColumnType!

  • Deprecated the newest_first argument on boards queries

  • Many of the ID arguments and fields have changed from Int to ID type

  • Text field returns empty results for mirror, dependency, and connect boards columns when querying through column_values or the specific MirrorValue, DependencyValue and BoardRelationValue types. Use the display_value field instead.

Non-breaking changes


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