The basics

Read what the monday platform API can do, who can use it, and how it works

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The monday GraphQL API is part of the monday apps framework. It is an application layer to allow apps to read and update data inside a account. It supports operations boards, items, column values, users, workspaces, and more.

Why use the API?

There are countless use cases for the API, including:

  • Accessing board data to render a custom report inside a dashboard
  • Creating a new item on a board when a record is created on another system
  • Importing data from another source programmatically

With the monday apps framework, developers can package their own web apps and integrations as native building blocks.

Who can use the API?

Admin, member, and guest users are all able to utilize the API.

Admins and members have access to their own API tokens. Guests cannot access an API key but can utilize API features through other authentication methods, like OAuth or a shortLivedToken.

Viewers, users who have been deactivated or disabled, users with unconfirmed emails, or users on student accounts cannot access the API.

What monday products does the API support?

The platform API currently supports the monday work management, dev, sales CRM, and service products.

How does GraphQL work?

The API is built with GraphQL, a flexible query language that allows you to return as much or as little data as you need. GraphQL is an application layer that parses the query you send it and returns (or changes) data accordingly. To learn more about the fundamental GraphQL components, check out our GraphQL overview!


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