App trial period expiration notification

Users will now receive a notification from monday when an app's trial period expires and will be prompted to pick a new plan to continue using the app. Check out our extending trials doc to see what the notification will look like!

Install apps in specific workspaces!

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We’re excited to announce the value-created type in our SDK!

New URL for API & Apps Docs

We have some exciting documentation news 🚀

New app marketplace rating feature

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New URL for API & Apps Docs

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New information in the install and uninstall webhooks

We have added some information in the payload for the install and uninstall webhooks for apps:

One endpoint for your webhooks

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User email now included in app installation webhook

The app installation webhook will now include the email of the admin who installed the application. The same will apply for uninstalls.

New additions to the webhooks family!

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