Changes to extending trials and granting discounts

We recently made changes to the process of granting discounts and extending trials for apps that are monetized through monday:

Webhooks improvements

We've recently made a few updates and improvements to our webhooks to help provide you with a better developer experience. Let's check them out!

Phase 1 of app analytics is here!

We're excited to announce the release of the first phase of our app analytics :rocket:

Changes to the custom triggers unsubscribe behavior

We recently changed the unsubscribe behavior of the custom triggers for the Integration/Workflow app feature.

Updates to seat-based view apps and trial subscriptions starting August 28th

We recently created built-in logic that monitors and enforces plan limits based on the customer’s account size. The following changes will be released on August 28th, 2023.

New `reason` field in subscription canceled webhooks

When a user churns from, their app subscriptions are also canceled. Therefore, the app_subscription_cancelled webhook will now contain a reason field indicating their subscription was canceled upon renewal. Currently, this is the only instance when the reason field appears, though we plan on adding support for additional reasons in the future.

Now available: The board item menu app feature

Following up from the previous board menu app features announcement

AI assistant app features are here!

Developers can now build AI apps using our AI assistant app features :raised-hands:

Introducing three brand new board menu features

We're excited to present three brand new board menu app features:

New global storage SDK methods

We recently released 3 new SDK methods that allow you to maintain storage across each application, rather than each instance. With the new methods, the storage is not tied to a specific instance so it does not reset between major versions.