Sandboxing for all iframes POSTPONED

Yesterday we implemented the new sandboxing restrictions, but we have decided to revert the update to give app developers more time to test their apps against the new restrictions.

Update to sandboxing for all iframes part 2

Part 2 of sandboxing for all iframes will now be implemented on July 5th, 2023 to give developers more time to test their apps against the new restrictions. Please note that the original directives will remain the same:

New `country` field for install and uninstall webhooks

We recently added the country field which will return an app installer's country for uninstall and install webhooks. This will replace the Active installs over time map on the Analytics tab.

New SDK method: Open link in new tab

Our new SDK method allows view apps to open a link in a new tab. This is particularly useful for apps impacted by the upcoming sandboxing initiatives.

New feature: Pricing versioning!

Marketplace app builders - this one is for you! If your app uses our native monetization, you can now make changes to your plans and prices using pricing versioning. All you need to do is:

Bug fix for `change_column_value` webhoook

We recently deployed a bug fix so the change_column_value webhook fires whenever column values in new columns on the relevant board change.

New version of monday-ui-react-core released

We released a new version of monday vibe (our react components library). It has some breaking changes for some of you. Check out v2.0.0 on npm here.

New query params for custom URLs

We recently added three new query parameters for custom URLs that allow you to direct users to the plan and pricing, billing, and how to use screens inside your app! Check out our documentation to learn more about each query parameter and how to create the URLs.

New webhooks and fields

We recently added four new webhooks for apps that are monetized by monday:

Cross-region workspace templates now available!

If your app has a workspace template feature, users from all regions can now access it!