Updates to MirrorValue, DependencyValue, and BoardRelationValue column values

We have removed support for the text field on MirrorValue, DependencyValue, and BoardRelationValue column values. We have replaced it with the new display_value field to return text values for the connect boards, dependency, and mirror columns.

As part of the 2023-10 release, we created the text field on column_values to return the text values for each column. These calls have a high cost for the mirror, dependency, and connect board columns.

Therefore, we stopped supporting the text field and created the display_value field on these three column values only. These updates will help reduce the load by only returning the data when users actually need it.

The following example would return the mirror column display values (i.e., text values) on items 1234567890 and 9876543210.

query {  
  items (ids:[1234567890, 9876543210]) {  
    column_values {  
      ... on MirrorValue {