The mirror column shows a column value from another board through a linked item, allowing you to make changes to multiple boards simultaneously. Our API partially supports the mirror column, so you can only read it via the API. We do not currently support filtering your results by the mirror column, so you may see some unexpected and inconsistent results if you try to set up filter rules for mirrored content.

Reading the mirror column

You can query the mirror column using the column_values object. The object has different fields based on which API version you are using. Column values v2 fields will be available in API versions 2023-10 and later, while column values v1 fields are only supported in versions 2023-07 and 2023-04.

Column values v2

The column_values object enables you to return column-specific subfields by sending a fragment in your query. Values for the mirror column are of the MirrorValue type.


Pro tip

column_values v2 fields are only available in API version 2023-10.

query {
  items (ids:[1234567890, 9876543210]) {
    column_values {
      ... on MirrorValue {


column Column!The column the value belongs to.
display_value String!The content of the mirrored column, in text format.
id ID!The column's unique identifier.
mirrored_items [MirroredItem!]!The mirrored items.
text StringThe column's long text. Please note: this field will return null in API version 2023-10.
type ColumnType!The column's type.
value JSONThe column's JSON-formatted raw value.

Column values v1

You can return the data in a mirror column in just one format when you query by column values. The text field will return data from the other board as a simple string. The value field will always return null.

  "text": "Working on it",
  "value": null

You can also query the source board directly to return the necessary fields. To update the mirror column, directly update the column value on the source board.


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