The creation log column represents an item's creator and the date and time they created it. You can filter and read the creation log via the API, but you currently cannot update or clear it.

Filtering the creation log column

Using the items_page object, you can easily filter a board's items by specific columns or column values. The table below contains the creation log column's supported operators, compare values, and compare attributes.

OperatorsCompare valuesCompare attributes
any_ofThe user IDs to filter by"CREATED_BY"
not_any_ofThe user IDs to filter by"CREATED_BY"


The following example returns all items on the specified board that were created by user 123456.

query {
  boards (ids: 1234567890) {
    items_page (query_params: {rules: [{column_id: "creation_log", compare_value: [123456], compare_attribute: "CREATED_BY", operator:any_of}]}) {
      items {

Reading the creation log column

You can query the creation log column using the column_values object that enables you to return column-specific subfields by sending a fragment in your query. Values for the creation log column are of the CreationLogValue type.

query {
  items (ids:[1234567890, 9876543210]) {
    column_values {
      ... on CreationLogValue {


column Column!The column the value belongs to.
created_at Date!The item's creation date.
creator User!The item's creator.
creator_id ID!The unique identifier of the item's creator.
id ID!The column's unique identifier.
text StringThe column's value as text.
type ColumnType!The column's type.
value JSONThe column's JSON-formatted raw value.


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