Learn how to query an account's monday.com plan data using the platform API

monday.com offers a variety of plans for users to choose from based on their needs.

Plan queries

Required scope: account:read

Querying plan will return metadata about a specific plan. If a user is on a trial account, the plan object will be null. This method does not accept any arguments and returns an array.

You can only query plan by nesting it within an account query, so it can't be used at the root.

query { 
  account {
    plan {
let query = "query { account { plan { max_users period tier version } } }";

fetch ("https://api.monday.com/v2", {
  method: 'post',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Authorization' : 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE'
   body: JSON.stringify({
     query : query
   .then(res => res.json())
   .then(res => console.log(JSON.stringify(res, null, 2)));


You can use the following field(s) to specify what information your plan query will return.

max_users Int!The maximum number of users allowed on the plan. This will be 0 for free and developer accounts.
period StringThe plan's time period.
tier StringThe plan's tier.
version Int!The plan's version.


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