The account object allows you to return information about a account.

Account Queries

Required scope: account:read

Querying an account will return metadata about a specific account. You can query it directly at the root. You can also nest it within another query that returns user data, like me or users.

query {
  users {
    account {
      plan {


Fields are used to return specific properties in an object. The following fields will determine what information is returned from your account query.

first_day_of_the_week FirstDayOfTheWeek!The first day of the week for the account, is either Sunday or Monday.
id Int!The account's unique identifier.
logo StringThe account's logo.
name String!The account's name.
plan PlanThe account's payment plan.
show_timeline_weekends Boolean!Shows true if weekends show in the timeline.
sign_up_product_kind StringThe product the account first signed up to.
slug String!The account's slug.
tier StringThe account's tier.
country_code StringThe account's two-letter country code in ISO3166 format. Please note: the result is based on the location of the first account admin.


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