What's new in API version 2023-10

We released API version 2023-10 on July 1st! It features many new and exciting updates, as well as a handful of breaking changes.

We put together this guide (complete with a detailed explanation for each change) to help make the transition to the new version easier. Check out all of the changes below, and make sure to click on each item's respective link to see the full details about each update!

After checking out the updates, we would love to hear from you! Your opinions and feedback are vital to building, maintaining, and improving our API. Feel free to submit your feedback using this form.

Here's what's new

Breaking changes

  • Removed the deprecated items field on boards queries, replaced it with items_page

  • New column values fields and typed column values

  • Removed the deprecated items_by_column_values and items_by_multiple_column_values objects, replaced them with items_page_by_column_values

  • The column_type field on the create_column mutation is now a required field

  • Empty parentheses are no longer supported

  • Quotation marks for strings are now required

  • Removed the deprecated pos fields on boards and columns queries

  • The type field on columns queries has changed from String! to ColumnType!

  • Deprecated the newest_first argument on boards queries

  • Many of the ID arguments and fields have changed from Int to ID type

  • Text field returns empty results for mirror, dependency, and connect boards columns

Non-breaking changes