Deprecating major and minor versioning

In the next few weeks, we will stop supporting major and minor app versioning and only offer one app version.

This new version functions like a minor version and will automatically be pushed to users, but it allows you to do everything you previously could in major versions (e.g., changing scopes, deleting features, etc.).

The main changes include:

  • App feature deprecation and un-deprecation
  • User approval for updated permissions
  • App view banners to communicate with users

This new versioning mechanism will be available for new apps starting January 31st, 2024. Existing apps will continue versioning with major and minor versions until February 11th, 2024, and at that point, they will be automatically migrated to the new versioning mechanism.

Existing app developers are not required to create a new version as part of this migration. All previous app version numbering will remain the same, but the next version you create will utilize sequential numbering.

You can read more about versioning here.