Seat-based pricing available for all monetized apps!

Seat-based pricing is now available for all apps that are monetized by monday!

This new pricing structure allows you to create plans based on the maximum number of seats included at each tier. It will help ensure that accounts stay within limits on the number of app users they can have so that you can get the correct earnings!

After implementing seat-based pricing, users will see a new UI in which the system evaluates the number of seats an account needs and automatically recommends a corresponding plan. It will notify users if their plan size is too big for the plan, but developers still need to enforce plan caps as users may increase or decrease their monday plan after signing up for an app.

Seat-based pricing ensures that users know exactly how much their plan costs and don't have to worry about upgrading to access additional features. It also saves them money as they only have to pay for the seats they need, so it is a win-win for all!