If you have an app in the marketplace or are looking to build one, this guide is for you!

Apps monetization is a feature that allows your monday app to accept payments from users directly through instead of leaving the platform. For developers, it's a seamless way to process payments without a third-party system.

Our platform handles the entire payment and billing process, including VAT and currency conversions for all apps that implement monetization. It takes the hassle out of billing users and processing payments, giving you more time to focus on building and improving your app. Currently, does not take any revenue from app developers.

Any app in the marketplace can implement monetization, but we require that your app supports the following flows:

  • Check the status of the user's subscription when they use your app
  • Enable or disable features based on the user's subscription level
  • Prompt the user for payment using our SDK
  • Migrate any users from an external billing system to monday billing without double payment

Eligible apps can implement monetization in just a few simple steps, but before doing so, we recommend reading our guides on plans and pricing, subscriptions and billing, webhooks, and discounts and trial extensions!


Developers take full responsibility for checking and enforcing monetization for their app. Failing to do so may lead to customers using your app for free!