Submit to the app marketplace

After building your monday app, you can list it in the app marketplace to make it available to all users!

Our team will review your submission to ensure that it is secure, delivers value, and provides a great user experience. This guide will help you prepare your app, walk you through the submission steps, and explain the review process.


Ready to submit your app?

Ensure you've reviewed the standards on our app review checklist.

When you're ready to submit your app, fill out the app submission form.

Preparing to submit your app

Here are some simple steps that you can take to prepare your app for submission:

1. Meet with our team

We are here to help! Feel free to set up a time with one of our Developer Success Engineers to discuss your app and help you prepare for submission to the marketplace. You can schedule a time during their office hours.

Talking with a member of our DevEx team can help you save time in the app review process, so don't wait to schedule your meeting!

2. Get your graphics ready

Using our submission guidelines, prepare your app images, app and developer icons, app card image, app video (optional), and dark mode compatibility.

These design listing guidelines will help you prepare your graphics for submission:

App icon

Your app icon is an essential graphic because it is the first interaction users will have with your app. Create an app icon that conveys your app's purpose with an emphasis on simplicity rather than intricate details. You get to decide the icon's color and can size or crop your icon to fit on top of the app background.

App card image

The app card image appears on your app's listing in the marketplace and is another vital graphic. The image should highlight your app's key features through a screenshot of a feature with a brief benefit statement. It should be 592 px x 348 px in either JPG and PNG format.

App gallery images

You must also create 3-5 images to highlight the app's key features in the gallery. You can take screenshots of specific parts of your app with a brief benefit statement for each feature. The images must be 1920 px x 960 px in JPG or PNG format.

App gallery video

To help boost your app's install rates, you should also create an app gallery video. The video should highlight your app's functionality, features, and UI in 30-60 seconds. It should be no bigger than 50Mb and be an MP4 video in HD or 4K quality.

3. Consider the security of your app

Ensure your app follows the security guidelines. You can find more info about the guidelines and read about marketplace security here.

4. Document your privacy policy

Provide a link to your privacy policy to list on your marketplace app page.

5. Create a support channel

Build an active support channel for customers to approach you.

6. Provide installation instructions and guides

Make it easy for users to get started with your app by providing:

  • Clear installation instructions
  • A getting started guide for new users
  • App documentation
  • Demo videos

7. Focus on the app listing content

Your app listing page needs three different types of descriptions:

Short description

The short description appears on the app card while users browse the marketplace. This description should clearly explain what the app is and does in one line. You should focus on how the app will bring value to users and use 100 characters or less.

Long description

The long description appears on your app's listing page below the main photo/video. This description should contain 2-3 paragraphs explaining your app's functionality, benefits, problems solved, and possible results. You can include specific examples or use cases to explain further how to use the app. The text should be user-friendly and readable, so consider using line breaks or bullet points. Since the app is for users, you should tailor it to emphasize how they'll use the app within

Check out the sample template below:

Paragraph 1: Tee up the key benefit of your app, the problem you solve, and the core use case or example.

Paragraph 2: Delve into additional benefits and/or use cases, and provide more context on your own product or service.

Paragraph 3: Include a sentence that links to a page where users can find more details like your help doc or landing page for the app.

Feature description

The feature description appears under the Works with section. Here, you should outline each feature and what users can do with them. Each feature should have a different description of no more than 70 characters. You should include the app name in the title, but each feature should have a new name. For example, ‘[App name] Item’ or ‘[App name] Board’.

Completing the app submission checklist

After building your app, complete the app review checklist to make sure that your app has all of the required elements.

You should also ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your app a valid monday app?
  2. Have you reviewed and fulfilled all the considerations listed in the "Preparing to submit your app" section above?
  3. Are you ready to support your future users based on the marketplace SLA?
  4. Will you continuously ensure that your app meets monday standards while listed in the marketplace?

Submitting your app for your review

If you completed the app review checklist and answered yes to the above questions, your app is ready for submission! All you need to do now is complete the app submission form.

  1. Open your app's management page.
  2. Click Publish to generate a shareable link that starts with
  3. Complete the app submission form. Include the shareable link that you generated.

App review process

Once you submit the app submission form, your app will move to the review process! Our review team will ensure that your app meets all requirements. They will assess the product, engineering, security, privacy, content, assets, support, documentation, and legal aspects listed on the app review checklist.

Using the platform, the system will create a review board for your app. You will receive an invitation to the board so you can communicate with our review team. The team will identify any fixes or updates you need to make to your app before accepting it to the marketplace and list them on the board.

Once you make all the necessary changes, our team will approve your submission and add your app to the marketplace! You can then use the same board to update or edit the marketplace listing.

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