This guide will cover simple tips and FAQs regarding how to manage monetization for different kinds of apps.

Plans and subscriptions

How do I test monetization?

You can create a mock subscription using our GraphQL API to test your app’s logic. You can set the subscription to the different tiers of your app to test the upgrade/downgrade flow, block screens, etc.

Mock subscriptions only apply to the specific app and account that created them, so they will not affect any of your existing customers. If you do not remove the mock subscription explicitly, it will disappear after 24 hours.

We recommend thoroughly testing your app to ensure that you implemented monetization correctly. We cannot review the implementation, so it is up to you to conduct QAs.

How do I check subscriptions on a frontend app?

When the app loads, check the Subscription object in the JWT token. Depending on the subscription plan_id, you can enable/disable features and display block screens as needed.

When users access a feature not available on their plan, show them a block screen. You can then prompt them to open the billing tab using the SDK method.

How do I check subscriptions on an integration app?

  • Custom action: When integration runs, get subscription information in the authorization JWT. Restrict features on the backend based on subscription information.
  • Custom trigger: Use GraphQL method to return the subscription of the current user
  • Optional: You can cache the most recent subscription information on your backend


Will I get a webhook if a payment method fails?

Not immediately. The user has up to 45 days to provide accurate payment information. After the grace period, you will get a webhook for the cancelation of the subscription if they haven't added a valid payment method.

How many webhooks do I get if someone uninstalls my app?

You will get two webhooks. One for the uninstall webhook and one for the subscription canceled webhook.

Will monday send subscription information for a trial in the install webhook?


Does the app_subscription_created event trigger on installation for trial accounts?

app_subscription_created will not trigger with the installation of the app for trial accounts. 

Will an app_subscription_created event be sent to the app with the install webhook if the customer signs up for a subscription during installation?

The install webhook will always come with either a trial or a free plan unless someone uninstalls the app and installs it again while the subscription is still valid.

Then the user can upgrade, and the app subscription-created webhook will be sent. 


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