Documentation and support

Your app must meet the following documentation and support requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace:

  1. Select your pricing method from the following list:

    • Free: users can access all of your app features for free
    • X days trial: your app offers a free trial for a specified number of days
    • In-app purchase: your app includes both free and paid plans
    • Paid: users must pay to use your app
  2. Create a how-to-use page to share helpful information about your app with users after installation. Following HTTPS protocol, you must provide an embeddable link to an iframe for the * domain.

    The page should include installation instructions, prerequisite information, first-time-use instructions, and images and videos to support your app. It should also be cleaned to prevent navigating to other pages on the website. You can test whether or not the URL can display in an iframe using an iframe tester.

  3. Make your life easier by implementing monetization by monday!

    Note: If your application has a subscription model that charges per user, you must implement the logic to handle this case. Be sure to check the number of users on a given account and prompt for payment if an account exceeds the allotted user count.

  4. Provide an email address or feedback URL so marketplace users can contact you.

  5. Add a demo link to check your app’s flow.

  6. Share your website link on the submission form, if applicable.

  7. For review purposes, add all relevant email addresses to the shared board.


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