Manage monday code in the Developer Center

monday code has its own section in the Developer Center UI where you can easily manage environment variables, secrets, and alerts, monitor your app's performance, and access logs.


The left-side menu General tab contains the following:

  • General tab: Contains a list of helpful commands and your app's version URL
  • Environment variables tab: Manage, create new, and delete existing environment variables
  • Secrets tab: Create new app secrets. It's important to note that you currently can't retrieve your secrets after creation.
  • Alert policies tab: Manage and create new real-time HTTP error rate or latency response alerts. When the thresholds are exceeded, these alerts create a new item on a designated alert board. You can then easily integrate your alert board with tools like Slack or PagerDuty to receive notifications where you'd like!


The Monitoring tab contains lucrative insights about your app's performance. There, you can monitor things like hits, latency, errors*, error rate*, hits per status, hits per path, and latency per path. You can also adjust the time range and interval to return data from specific periods.

*Any error with a 5xx status code


The Logs tab compiles your app's HTTP and console logs into one easy-to-access location. You can customize the period to search through using predefined or custom ranges and textually search through console log messages using keywords.