App listing page

Your app must meet the following app listing page requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace. Check out our app listing guidelines for more details about each requirement!

  1. Add up to 10 relevant keywords to optimize search results and increase your app’s discoverability.
  2. Select up to three predefined categories that your app falls under.
  3. Write a short description (up to 60 characters) to help users understand the purpose of your app.
  4. Write a long description (200-2,500 characters) to convey your app’s functionality, features, and value.
  5. Create one image (592x348 pixels) to include on the app card that highlights your app's key features.
  6. Provide an app icon (192x192 pixels) to display in the marketplace.
  7. Provide a developer icon (192x192 pixels) that will appear in the developer section.
  8. Include 3-5 images (1920x960 pixels) to highlight your app in the photo gallery.
  9. Create a video of up to 120 seconds that demonstrates the app’s key benefits, features, functionality, UI, and UX. The file should be 50 MB or less.


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