App listing page

Your app must meet the following app listing page requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace:

  1. Add up to 10 relevant keywords to optimize search results and increase your app’s discoverability.

  2. Select up to three categories that your app falls under from the following list:

    • CRM
    • Marketing
    • Software Development
    • Team Management
    • Productivity & Efficiency
    • Integrations
    • Collaboration
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Import & Export
    • Integrations by monday
    • Views by monday
  3. Write a short description (up to 100 characters) to help users understand the purpose of your app. We will display this on the app card in the marketplace.

  4. Write a long description (between 200 and 2,000 characters) that conveys your app’s functionality, features, and value. You can use Rich Text to make the description look more visually appealing. You can also add a link to “Book a demo.”

  5. Create one image highlighting your app's key features to include on the app card. The image should reflect your brand and app’s identity by having a zoomed-in screenshot of part of your app.

    The image should be 592x348 pixels and can be a simple version of your app gallery image. You can also include a short statement that conveys the benefits of your app. Refer to our internal template in Figma or create your own image!

  6. Provide an app icon to display in the marketplace. The icon serves as the introduction to your app for users, so it should convey the essence of your app using a single element. The icon should be recognizable, and you must prove that you can legally use the icon in the app marketplace.

    The icon should be 192x192 in resolution. You can view our internal template in Figma.

  7. You also need a developer icon that will appear in the developer section.

    The icon should be 192x192 in resolution and follow our design guidelines. We will share the app icon if you do not provide a developer icon.

  8. Include 3-5 images to highlight your app in the photo gallery. They should also reflect your app’s brand and identity while explaining the benefits of the app. The best images usually include a brief benefit statement and a screenshot of your app. Avoid uncropped or unannotated screenshots and irrelevant use of photography.

    The images should be 1920x960 pixels, and they should follow our design guidelines. You can refer to our internal template in Figma.

  9. Create a video for your app listing page that demonstrates the app’s features, functionality, UI, and UX.

    Videos should spend between 30 and 120 seconds focusing on the key features of your app and the value of using the app with Remember that this is a promo video, not a demo one. Ensure that you select a visually-compelling poster frame and follow our design guidelines.

  10. Use your $250 Fiverr credit to create graphics for your account!

    Create a Fiverr account if you don’t have one. Complete this request form. Once approved, we will add $250 to your Fiverr account which you can use to create content for your app listing page!