Implementing monetization

We've created a smooth and simple process that enables you to quickly implement monetization in your app. For new apps, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a Payoneer account to receive your payment each month. If you already have a Payoneer account, you can register it using these instructions.

  2. Complete this form to become an approved monday vendor to receive monthly payments. If you're already a monday vendor, you can skip this step!

    Please note that all Israeli entities must provide a valid VAT number, in addition to a TIN ID, during this step.

  3. Submit your app's plans and pricing information through this form.

  4. While not required, we recommend setting up webhooks to track your app's installations, subscriptions, and usage.

  5. After that, you can submit your app for marketplace approval!

If you previously built a free app but want to implement monetization, reach out to our Developer Success team through this form so we can walk you through the process and make your transition as smooth as possible!


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