App review checklist

The app review checklist contains all the product, security and privacy, documentation and support, legal, UI/UX, app listing, and partnership submission requirements for the app marketplace. You can use it to help you prepare for the app review process and save time in the long run.

We highly recommend looking at this checklist long before submitting your app to our team. Otherwise, you may need to make significant changes during the review process, face delays, or be rejected outright.

The checklist contains seven different categories that we will use to evaluate your app: product, documentation and support, legal, UI/UX, app listing, and partnership.

After reviewing the checklist, you can submit your app to the marketplace. Our team will determine whether or not your app incorporates all the required elements. You will work collaboratively with them on a shared board to address any issues in your submission. Once our team approves your app, we will list it in the marketplace!


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