Your app must meet the following UI/UX requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace:

  1. Use lowercase m's when referring to
  2. Perform most actions in 0.5 to 1 second. If it takes longer, visually show progress to the user.
  3. Use monday’s settings, search bar, and filters. Refer to our design system for more information.
  4. Add tooltips, hints, banners, or any other assistive components that can be helpful while using your app for board views, item views, and dashboard widgets. Make integration recipe wording as concise as possible so the user clearly understands what the trigger and action are.
  5. Include a welcome page that displays before the app's main page for board views and widgets. It should include a welcome message, first-time-use instructions with screenshots, and any necessary data the user should know before using the app. This page is not required for recipes.
  6. Ensure that your app is easy and convenient for all new users. We recommend asking family and friends to use your app without any assistance to test its convenience and usability.
  7. Ensure that your app supports different modes like light mode, dark mode, or night mode. If not, verify that app functionality is not affected by it.


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