Update your app listing page

The marketplace app listing page is the first place customers are introduced to your app. There, they can learn more about the app's functionality, see images or videos, learn about its security measures, read more about the developer, and even test it out.

The page plays an instrumental role in attracting customers and creating a positive user experience, so it is essential to maintain informative, up-to-date, and attention-grabbing content. You can easily do just that through the Developer Center UI by submitting a request to update your app listing page content. Our team will review the request and make the relevant changes upon approval.

The rest of this document covers what information can be updated, how to submit a new request, and how to manage existing ones. Let's dive in!

What can I update?

Most app listing page sections can be updated through the UI, including the following:

  • App name
  • App icon
  • Image gallery
  • App values
  • Short description
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Keywords
  • Feedback URL
  • Privacy policy URL
  • Terms of service URL

You can read a detailed explanation about these sections in our app listing guidelines. Other parts of the page that were not listed above follow different procedures for updating content (e.g., pricing). Click on each of the following links to learn how to update the Pricing, Security & Compliance, and Permissions tabs!

Submit a new request

Once you've decided what information to update, follow these steps to submit a new request:

  1. In monday.com, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.

  2. Select Developers. This will open the Developer Center in another tab.

  3. Select your app from the list and click the Listing tab.

  4. Click New request. This option will be grayed out if you already have a request pending.

  5. Provide the updated information in each section. Each section is optional, so you only need to complete the ones you want to update.

  6. Click Submit request.

  7. Our team will review your request within three business days. You can manually track the request status in the Listing tab to know what stage of the process it's in.

Manage your requests

You can see and manage your new and existing requests in the Listing tab. There, you can access each request's ID, submission date, requestor, name, and status. You can also click on a specific request's name to open it and see more information.

Request status

The request status tells you what stage of the process your request is in. Each request will always have one of four status labels:

PendingThe pending label indicates that your request has been submitted and is pending review. If you have a request pending, you won't be able to create a new one until it is canceled, approved, or rejected.
ApprovedThe approved label indicates that your request was successfully approved, and the updates took immediate effect. A small green dot next to the label denotes current the live version.
CanceledThe canceled label indicates that your request was submitted and then canceled by you or another admin.
RejectedThe rejected label indicates that your request did not pass the review and the changes were rejected. You can read comments from our team in the request, make the suggested changes, and submit a new request.

Request versioning

New requests are pre-filled with the live app listing page content by default. If you want to create a new request based on a different version, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and open the request you want to version.
  2. Click New request from this version in the top-right corner. This will create a new request using the content from the requested version.
  3. Make your new updates and click Submit for review.

Cancel a request

You can cancel pending requests before they're approved or rejected by clicking the Cancel request button in the top-right corner of the request. Currently, you can't delete any requests through the UI.