Ratings and reviews

The app rating feature allows users to leave ratings and text reviews for apps installed on their accounts. Users with apps installed on their accounts can also view each app's ratings and actual scores on the Installed Apps page. This feature gives users confidence when installing apps and provides them with helpful information to decide whether or not they want to install the app.

Ratings and reviews also create opportunities for marketplace partners to learn from users. Users can provide feedback through their ratings and reviews to help developers improve their apps, ultimately improving app quality in the marketplace! Marketplace partners can then reach out to super users or admins who installed the app through the email sent in the install webhook to gather additional information about their overall impression of the app.

Higher ratings help apps attract new customers and retain existing ones. They also indicate the app's popularity and overall quality, so it's essential to maintain your app and build relationships with customers to help increase your score.

Eventually, top-rated apps will be considered when awarding labels and badges, returning search results, creating "premium" categories in the marketplace, and providing app suggestions to users. While ratings may not currently seem like a big deal, they play a vital role in the future of the marketplace, so it's best to start now!

Rating logic

Current or past users can only rate apps that they currently have installed on their accounts. They can leave a rating using a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is low and 5 is high, or they can also leave text feedback if they wish.

Users can view ratings and actual scores for each app installed on their account on the Installed App page, the app card, and the App Listing page. If an app doesn't have ratings or hasn't yet reached the minimum threshold of 5 or more ratings, users will not see any data for that particular app. The score is an average of all ratings submitted in the past 365 days from paying monday.com customers and does not include ratings from monday.com trial users.

Viewing your ratings

You can access rating information for your app in the Developer's section under the App Analytics tab. Once there, you will see your overall score based on the logic mentioned above. You will also have access to each rating your app has received, including the score, text review, and account ID. It's important to note that you can only access information on an account level, not an individual level.

How to get ratings

While ratings are integral to your app's success, they mean nothing if users don't leave them. We've built a handful of methods to encourage users to leave ratings for apps installed on their accounts.

Custom URLs

One of the best ways is to prompt users to rate your app through a custom URL. The URL will send users directly to your app with the rating modal open, so they can quickly and easily leave a rating and review. Once you create the URL, you can embed it in emails you send directly to customers.

This method requires you to create the embeddable URL manually. You can do so with the slug of the account that rated your app and the query parameter openRatingDialog. You should follow this format to construct the URL: "<rating_account_slug>.monday.com/apps/installed_apps/<app_id>?openRatingDialog=true".

Once you've constructed the URL, you can copy it and embed it in your emails. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Please note that customers must be logged in to monday on the device they use to open the email, or else it will redirect them to the monday homepage.

Rating pop-up

On top of custom URLs, we prompt users to rate the app using a one-time pop-up that appears when they open the Installed Apps page. This method requires nothing from the developer side, but users will only see the pop-up one time, even if they close out of it without rating the app.


How will monday ensure that no damage is done to apps?

We've established a minimum threshold of reviewers to avoid damage to an app's rating. Each app must have 5 or more reviews before the average score appears on the app card.

We also ensure that one negative review cannot destroy an app's rating by displaying the average score. Individual ratings and reviews are also carefully monitored to mitigate any risks of damage.

How will monday manage "fake" ratings?

The rating calculations in the marketplace do not include reviews from monday.com trial users. You will still see the reviews as an app developer, but they will not impact your overall rating. The only ratings used in the calculations are those from users with paid monday.com platform subscriptions.

Can users change or update their ratings?

Yes, users can update their ratings. Any updates they make will overwrite the previous score that they left.

How often can users rate an app?

Currently, there is no limit to how often users can update their ratings or reviews. Every time users make changes, it will update their existing rating or review.

Can users rate an app they previously installed on their account but removed?

No! Users can only rate apps that they currently have installed on their accounts.

Can multiple users leave ratings from the same account?

Yes. As long as the app is installed on the account, multiple users can leave a rating for the same app.

Will marketplace partners know the version of their app that the user rated?

No! However, we'll consider adding it in the future based on relevant feedback.

My app has a low average rating. Can I contact users to rate my app or understand the feedback better?

If you want to encourage users to rate your app, you can use the custom URLs mentioned above to direct users to your app with the rating modal open.

To further understand a rating or review, you can also access the complete rating information in the Apps Analytics tab in the Developer's section. You can then reach out directly to the app installer through the email address sent in the install webhook.

Does monday show text reviews to customers?

No! For now, only app developers will be able to see text reviews.


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