Your app must meet the following product requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace:

  1. Create at least one board view, item view, dashboard widget, or integration recipe. Ensure that your app has a clear use case that your feature can solve.

  2. For integrations only: Your integration must work when a user selects multiple items (up to 500) and performs an action. For example, an app that changes a text column at the click of a button must be able to change the text column for up to 500 items, regardless of the number of items the user selects.

  3. Your app must add value to the marketplace. It should address a problem or use case for which there is no workaround or alternative solution. Ask yourself whether or not users can achieve success without your app.

  4. Your app should support various features, including small and large boards and multiple columns of the same type. You can use techniques like pagination, infinite scroll, and bulk operations. Read more about our rate limits here.

    Your app should also work on public, private, and shareable boards. It also needs to work in different monday accounts that share the same email.

  5. Ensure that your app works with different user types, including member, admin, guest, and viewer. The app should show relevant messages to each user type.

    Note: Viewers don’t have access to the monday API, so the app will not work as expected. Your app should display a descriptive error message to inform users that they cannot use the app. For example, As a viewer, you are unable to use this app.

    We pass an “isViewOnly” parameter in the sessionToken. You can check if a user is view only by decoding the session token. Refer to our SDK documentation for more information.

  6. If your app includes a workspace template, please include a monday doc that acts as a "Get Started" guide. The doc should provide the user with helpful information about the app and the different boards inside the WS template.

    Please note that workspace template images should be 1424x779 pixels. You can set this by navigating to Developers > App > Workspace Template > Feature Details.

  7. Ensure users can set up your app without consulting the documentation.

    • For views: provide in-app onboarding, if required, to accommodate no-touch configuration. Make sure you can describe the main flow in 3-5 steps.
    • For integration recipes: provide a clear and descriptive recipe sentence.
  8. Provide a valid installation link that follows this format:***….

    Note: You can find your installation link under Avatar > Developers > Your App > Share and generate a unique installation link.

  9. If your app redirects users to a sign-in or authorization page, you must redirect them back to monday upon completion.

  10. Share a full app URL link.



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