Your app must meet the following product requirements to receive approval for the app marketplace:

  1. Create at least one app feature (read more here) with a description in the Developer Center. Make sure that your app has a clear use case that your feature can solve.
  2. Ensure that your app works with different user types, including member, admin, guest, and viewer. The app should show relevant messages to each user type (e.g., views can't access the API, so your app should display an error like As a viewer, you are unable to use this app.). We pass an isViewOnly parameter in the sessionToken that you can decode to check if the user is view-only.
  3. Your app must:
  • Support small and large boards (use techniques like pagination, infinite scroll, and bulk operations to do so - read more on rate limiting here)
  • Support multiple columns of the same type
  • Work on public, private, and shareable boards
  • Work in different monday accounts that share the same email
  1. If your app has more than one feature, set your starting point.
  2. Provide a valid installation link. You can find your installation link under Developers > Your app > Share > Share your app with others. The link should follow this format:*******
  3. If your app redirects users to a sign-in or authorization page, you must redirect them back to monday upon completion.
  4. Implement the value-created event method in your code.
  5. Submit a full app URL from the Basic Information page in the Developer Center.
  6. Embed a guidance video or link to your How-to-use page in the app.
  7. Make sure users can set up your app without consulting documentation.
  • For views, provide in-app onboarding to accommodate no-touch configuration (if required). You should be able to describe the main flow in 3-5 steps.
  • For integration recipes, provide a clear and descriptive recipe sentence.
  1. For workspace templates, ensure that the other app features can be added to boards independently with clear onboarding guidelines or added a clear message to users (e.g., To use this app the best way, please use the Workspace Template.). The attached images should be descriptive, look good, not be broken, and be 1424x779 pixels in size. You can set this under Developers > App > Workspace Template > Feature Details.


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