Creating and updating apps

Learn the concepts behind building your apps.

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In this article, you will learn:

  • What is a monday app?
  • Create a new app
  • Manage your app info
  • Add collaborators to your app
  • Define app permission scopes
  • Add features to your app
  • Install the app to your account



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What is a monday app?

You can use the monday apps framework to build new user experiences and products on top of You can use them to add custom interfaces to add data to boards, build reusable blocks for integrations, or pipe visualizations from internal tools into

Users can interact with apps across multiple parts of the monday platform, including board views, dashboard widgets and integrations. Your apps can be purely client-side apps or make requests to remote resources.



You can already install your app to your account, and in the future you will also be able to share with other accounts or in our public apps marketplace.

Create a New App

  1. Click your avatar, and select the “Developers” section.

  2. Click “Create App” to create a new app.

  3. Congrats! You can now start building.

Create new app

Manage Your App Information

In the "Display Information" section you'll be able to define the general information regarding your app.

  1. Name your app - choose a descriptive name that your users can understand.

  2. Add description - explain what your app is doing (in the future this will appear in our apps marketplace)

  3. Add app logo - upload an image and choose an app color. The logo will appear in the views/widgets center.

Add Collaborators to Your App

Invite people as collaborators to build the app with you. After approving your invitation, collaborators will be able to manage the app from the "Developers" section. In addition, collaborators will have access to the app features from their boards & dashboards.

Define App Permission Scopes

Every request to the monday API requires a specific permission scope. In order to access a certain API on behalf of your app users, you need first to define the scopes your app is gonna use. For more information regarding permission scopes, check our API documentation



As a best practice we recommend to ask for only the permission scopes your app really needs.

Add Features to Your App

Features are the building blocks that create an app experience. Our apps platform currently supports two features: board views, dashboard widgets.

In the feature section, click “Create” to create new feature to your application and choose the feature type. Each application can contain multiple features of the same type.

Click on a feature to enter the feature editor, this is where you can build your feature.

Let's start building! Check out our Quickstart Guide: Views & Widgets.

Add a new feature

Install the App to Your Account

Once your app is ready, you can install it on your account. Installing your app allows anyone on your account to see it as an option and add its features (views, widgets) to their boards.

We are already working on more options to share your app with other monday accounts.



Only admins can install apps in the account. If you are not an admin, add them as collaborators.

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