Deployment process

Curious to know more about the monday code deployment process? This guide is for you!

Build process

When you deploy your app with mapps code:push, we do the following:

  • Zip your project files and upload them
  • Create a container image from your code using Buildpack
  • Deploy the container to Cloud Run and expose a URL
  • Run health checks
  • Return the URL via the CLI

Supported technologies

Our SDK is only supported in NodeJS.

However, the underlying infrastructure of monday code supports other frameworks and languages. If you're not using NodeJS, here are some tips:

  • Secure storage (used for storing private information) is not supported.
  • Use our App Storage API endpoints to store application data.
  • monday code will capture all messages logged to stdout. Generate logs with the library of your choice.

Quickstarts in other languages

We've prepared a few quickstarts to help you get a basic, working application in a language you are familiar with. You can check them out here: