You can use the monday.set software development kit (SDK) method to set up data inside your application. This can only be used in client-side apps.


  • type: The type of data that can be set (available values below)
  • params: Optional parameters for the action

The available types that can be set are:

'settings'The application settings as configured by the user that installed the app
'location'The URL location within an app


A Promise that will be resolved to the set method response.


Setting application settings data

monday.set("settings", {"text":"the new updated value"}).then(res => ...);

Application settings object set for a board view

  "text": "textual value",
  "color": "#037f4c", 
  "date": "2022-08-25"
  "checkbox1": false
  "textarea": "line1\nline2\n.....\nline n"

Setting the query params in an app's URL

monday.set("location", { query: { foo: 'bar' } });
// returns the following object {[foo]=bar }