Subscriptions, payments, and billing


Users create a subscription when they sign up for a trial, free, or paid plan with your app (depending on your app's plan tiers). The subscription serves as a billing contract between the user and your app, and every account can only have one active subscription per app. Each subscription defaults to automatic renewal upon creation. If a user does not want to renew their subscription, they would need to cancel it before its scheduled renewal date.

Tracking subscriptions

One of the easiest ways to monitor subscriptions for your app is through our monetization webhooks that notify you whenever someone creates, changes, renews, or cancels a subscription. These webhooks can retrieve the following subscription information:

  • Plan ID: The unique identifier of the plan tier
  • Renewal date: The date the current subscription ends and will renew. Please note that for free plans, the renewal_date will always be 10 years in the future.
  • Is trial: Whether or not the user is currently in a trial period
  • Billing period: The billing frequency (monthly/annually)
  • Days left: The number of remaining days left on the current subscription
  • Pricing version: The subscription's pricing version

You can also monitor subscriptions using your app's shared payment board. Once you implement monetization and your app receives marketplace approval, we will invite you to a payment board where you will receive monthly monetization reports. These reports provide the following information about each subscription:

  • monday account ID
  • customer name and ID
  • developer name
  • vendor ID
  • app name and ID
  • plan ID
  • business event (renewal, a new subscription, etc.) and creation log
  • invoice ID and creation log
  • amount without tax
  • sum without tax


Developers will receive monthly payments through Payoneer in USD. All payments will be tracked on individual payment boards. We will send an invitation to the payments board to all new marketplace apps during the first week of the month following app approval, and only if the app had any purchases. If you've already been invited to the board, we will share a new payment report during the first week of every month.


Whenever users sign up for a free or paid plan with an app, they create an app subscription. The subscription price varies based on which plan they subscribe to and whether your app bills monthly or annually. Annual subscriptions are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. Monthly subscriptions are valid for one month from the date of purchase (e.g., if someone starts a subscription on March 5th, it will renew one month later on April 5th).

If an account upgrades its plan, it will pay for the new plan at the time of the upgrade. The total cost will be the amount of the new plan minus the price of the unused days of the previous plan, and the renewal date changes to the date on which they upgraded.


Every subscription automatically renews. When a payment method fails on a renewal date, the account will have a 45-day grace period to change the payment method or resolve the current issue. The app will continue to work during those 45 days. If they have not added a valid form of payment after the grace period ends, the account's app will stop working and get a webhook for canceling the subscription. The payment method failure may occur on the renewal date because of a chargeback.

If an account uninstalls an app, its subscription is not automatically canceled. It will still be valid until the renewal date, so the account can access it at any point by reinstalling the app before that date. The account must repurchase the subscription if they decide to reinstall it after the renewal date passes. That said, the app will get an app_subscription_cancelled_by_user webhook at the moment the user cancels their subscription and an app_subscription_cancelled webhook when the renewal date passes after the cancellation.

If users churn from, their app subscriptions will automatically be canceled. Your app will then receive the app_subscription_cancelled webhook with the reason field displaying monday_subscription_cancel_on_renewal.


As part of monetization, monday also handles app subscription refunds. If a user cancels an app within 30 days of the initial purchase, they will get an automatic refund.

If a user requests a refund for any other reason (e.g. over 30 days, refund on a monthly plan), the app developer must first approve the refund. Once approved, the Customer Experience team can issue the refund. The refunded amount will then be deducted from your next invoice.


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