Hosting your app with monday code

monday-code is our brand-new, low-code development platform that enables you to host and run server-side monday apps securely. The novel hosting infrastructure seamlessly integrates with our apps framework to provide a one-stop shop for your applications.

It provides a secure, reliable, and scalable hosting solution to help contribute to widespread app usage. Apps hosted with monday-code are upheld to stringent enterprise-level compliance and security measures, ultimately giving large customers the confidence they need to install the app.

Hosting your app with monday-code is currently offered at no cost, and may be subject to payment in the future. Access is restricted to select developers who can connect a limited number of apps per account for the time being. The platform will evolve over time and eventually be released to all developers, but you get the unique opportunity to help shape and influence the future of monday-code as part of the beta program.

We've developed a handful of tools that provide a secure development cycle and enable you to build effortlessly using foolproof, secure methods:

Now that you know the basics of monday-code, you can move onto our guide to get started with monday code!


Pro tip

To make your experience as smooth as possible, we recommend using the provided SDK and NodeJS.