App discoverability

This guide walks through the marketplace search logic and categories, how to optimize your content, and app card labels.

In an expanding marketplace, it's essential that your app stands out from others to increase its discoverability, installs, and overall usage! Users can discover apps in the marketplace through the search bar, menu categories, and app suggestions while working on the platform. It is essential to understand the logic behind these access points and what steps you can take to increase your app’s discoverability.

This guide walks through the logic behind each of these access points and provides insight to help you optimize your content by focusing on:

Marketplace search logic

Like many other search engines, users can search the app marketplace to find apps based on keywords, names, or phrases. When a user enters something into the search bar, our search mechanism conducts a fuzzy search of these fields for matching or similar terms:

  • App name
  • Developer name
  • Long description
  • Short description
  • Keywords

Optimizing your app's keywords is one of the best ways to increase your app's discoverability. When deciding which keywords to include with your submission, we recommend researching each relevant term's search traffic and picking the most frequently searched ones that best describe your app's functionality.

From there, you can also think of synonyms for those words to expand the search. For example, a user who needs to create a virtual signature might search for sign, endorse, or authorize. Your keywords are essential to your app's discoverability, so choose them wisely! If you need to update your keywords after submitting your app, reach out to our app review team through your app review board.

You can also utilize the written content, like the long and short descriptions, to make your app visible in the marketplace. These descriptions give you more space to expand on terms and phrases related to your app, incorporate additional keywords (try not to use the same ones you previously listed), and capture the user's attention.

By understanding the search logic and taking these steps, you can quickly increase your app's discoverability in the marketplace!

Menu categories

Aside from the search bar, users can also browse for apps in the left-side menu. The menu contains a variety of categories to help organize apps and make them more accessible. Your app will appear in up to 3 of the predefined categories you selected during the submission process.

The menu also contains other rotating categories, like Recommended for You, Best Sellers, and Editor's Choice. The Recommended for You category will populate recommended apps for users according to the cluster their account falls under. The clusters are assigned based on users' responses to the questions they complete after registration. The Best Sellers and Editor's Choice categories contain all the apps awarded the relevant app card label.


App card labels

We created these labels to highlight high-performing, successful, or fast-growing apps in the marketplace. On top of having their own category in the left-side menu, these labels also appear on app cards in the marketplace.

Apps in the marketplace are evaluated against specific criteria to help determine which ones receive which labels. The labels rotate quarterly, but it's important to note that the evaluation criteria for each one are subject to change.


Editor's Choice

The Editor's Choice label applies to all apps in the marketplace. Each quarter, we evaluate the number of installs each app has and award the label accordingly. We also consider other factors like quality, account usage growth rate, and popularity.

Apps that receive the Editor's Choice label will have it for one quarter, and then we will reevaluate each app and apply the labels accordingly. There is no limit to the number of times an app can receive this label. For example, if your app received the Editor's Choice label in quarter 1, it could be selected again during the next quarter (based on its performance).

Best Seller

The Best Seller label only applies to apps that are monetized by monday. We evaluate the performance of monetized apps during the previous quarter and use the label for those with the highest new ARR/MRR!

We will reevaluate all the apps in this category each quarter and update the marketplace labels accordingly. Like with the editor's choice label, there is no limit to the number of times an app can bear the same label.

App suggestions

On top of app card labels and menu categories, users can also discover new marketplace apps through app suggestions. Users receive these relevant suggestions when they complete an action in the platform. For example, users may receive a suggestion for an app that uses their board data to populate a to-do list whenever they create a new task on their board.

Unlike the Recommended for You marketplace category, these suggestions do not vary from user to user. Every suggestion will be the same for each user that completes the same action. We automatically provide these suggestions to users, so as a developer, you don't need to take any additional steps to prepare your app.