Webhooks improvements

We've recently made a few updates and improvements to our webhooks to help provide you with a better developer experience. Let's check them out!

  1. New app_webhooks_only argument

This new argument returns just the webhooks created by the app initiating the request when querying the webhooks object through the API.

query {
  webhooks (app_webhooks_only:true, board_id:1234567890) {
  1. Added missing authorization headers

Before these updates, we were missing a feature that sent the authorization header for some webhooks. We added the missing feature, so now the authorization header will be included in all webhooks. Make sure to start validating your requests from monday!

Please note that this only applies to apps created in the Developer Center. You will not receive the authorization header if your API call was made with a personal token.

  1. Users can't remove app webhooks in the UI

While webhooks created by apps were always labeled internally on monday as belonging to a specific app, we enabled this labeling in the Active integrations page on the board so users can’t remove your webhooks from the board!