Updates to seat-based view apps and trial subscriptions starting August 28th

We recently created built-in logic that monitors and enforces plan limits based on the customer’s monday.com account size. The following changes will be released on August 28th, 2023.

For view apps, we will automatically monitor the number of monday.com seats an account has and compare it to their app subscriptions. If they do not have a large enough plan for your app, we will prompt them to upgrade their plan on both the Installed Apps page and an additional pop-up in the app’s view. Users will not be blocked from the app, and this update only applies to view apps.

If a user has a trial subscription and it expires, they will be blocked from accessing the app and prompted to select one of the available plans. Account admins will also receive notification of the trial expiration and be prompted to choose a plan on the Installed Apps page.