Workspace templates are a great way to bundle together everything a user might need / want from a template in a quick and simple way. They include predefined boards, columns, board views, item views, integrations, automations, etc. Workspace templates enable developers to create a complete solution to work for end users out of the box. We encourage developers to think of this as part of a complete solution, not just a feature.

Example recipe

Let's say that you would like to provide users with some pre-built boards and views to add to their account. For example: you may have made some board templates for managing a development project, and already created kanban and calendar views for those boards. Using workspace templates you can share both the boards and views, and users will be able to have these on their account with one click.

In this guide, we’ll create a simple workspace template that includes a workspace we’ve already built out with some boards and automations.

# Step 1: Add a workspace template to your monday app

To add a workspace template to your monday app, simply go to the features section of your app and create a new workspace template feature.Example recipe

Once you select the 'Workspace template' as your feature, you can add a title to your workspace template in the feature editor (in the future this will appear in our template marketplace).

# Step 2: Setting up your feature details

Once the feature has been created, you’ll be given a few fields to optionally fill in: Example recipe

Here is a list of input fields you can configure in the 'Feature Details', and what they do:

  • **Name** - name that will appear to users in the template store

  • **Description** - description that will appear to users in the template store

  • **Categories** - what category this template will appear under in the template store

  • **Subtitle** - the subtitle for the template that will be displayed with the ‘Useful for’ section in the template store

  • **Useful for** - what the template is useful for - will be shown on the template store

  • **Date Anchor** - this will adjust the date columns on your template depending on when it is added by the user (see below)

  • **Images** - upload images that will be displayed in the template store

  • **Store thumbnail link** - link to the thumbnail image that will be displayed in the template store

  • **Workspace Template video link** - link to the video that will be shown on the template store, giving users an idea of what to expect from the template


Make sure to add at least one category to your workspace template, so users can access it in the templates center.

## The Date Anchor

The date anchor is one of the coolest new features we’re introducing with workspace templates. When set, the date will be used to sync any date column values in the template to the time the template was created.

Let's say you built your template on July 1st, and all of the dates are set around that time. When you set the date anchor to July 1st, every date on the board relative to July 1st will be moved to the date the user adds the template to their account.

For example if a user adds your template on September 15th, this would how the date anchor changes it:

  • July 1st -> September 15th

  • July 2nd -> September 16th

  • July 3rd -> September 17th

The idea is for the data on the template to be more recent and relevant to the user, regardless of when the template was built by you or when it was added by the user.

# Selecting your source workspace

The last step is to select what workspace you will be sharing with your users. We recommended creating all the boards which you upload in its own workspace. Once you’re ready to share, select the workspace with all the Boards and Dashboards you'd like to share as a template. Then, you can also choose which Board or Dashboard the users will first land on when they add the template.

Example recipe

You need to be the owner of a workspace to turn it into a template.

## And you're done!

Once your template is published and goes live on the store, you're all set!

Example recipe

Users will be able to find your template within the category that you listed above in the feature details. From there they can add the template to their account just like they would have done previously with any pre-built templates provided by

When the user selects your workspace template, all the boards in the source workspace will be copied to their account, and bundled in a folder.


When a user uses your Workspace Template, only public boards in the source workspace will be created. Private and Shareable boards will not be included.

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