Files (assets)

The files column represents files attached to a board. Our API partially supports this column, so you can only read, delete, and upload files to the Files column via the API.

Reading the files column

You can return the data in a files column in two different formats. The text field will return the data as a simple string that displays the URL of the file. The value field will return the data as a JSON string that shows metadata about the files. You cannot select which metadata you want to return.

Therefore, we recommend querying the assets field instead of the file column to simplify your query. Doing so allows you to specify the exact information you want to return. You will also have additional fields to choose from that can return more metadata than querying the files column.

query {
  boards (ids:1234567890) {
    items (ids:9876543210) {
      assets {

Clearing the files column

You can clear the files column using a change_column_value mutation like the one below.

mutation {
 change_column_value(board_id:1234567890, item_id:9876543210, column_id: "files", value: "{\"clear_all\": true}") {

You can also find the Postman request to clear the files column here.

Add a file to the file column

Required scope: boards:write

Add this:


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