New feature: App card labels

We recently released app card labels to highlight high-performing and successful apps in the marketplace!

New "app_subscription_renewed" webhook

The app_subscription_renewed webhook will be sent once a user renews their subscription and will contain their subscription renewal information. You can read more about the webhook and find an app_subscription_renewed sample payload in our docs!

Workspace templates now only include public boards

When you create boards from a workspace template, only public boards from the source workspace will be created. Private and Shareable boards will not be created.

New feature: Custom objects

The new custom objects feature allows you to create a view outside of a board, item, or dashboard. This feature will live independently in the left-pane menu, and any content displayed in this view will span the entire screen aside from the title and top header.

Granting discounts in bulk

Apps monetized by monday can now grant discounts to users in bulk!

Seat-based pricing available for all monetized apps!

Seat-based pricing is now available for all apps that are monetized by monday!

New feature: App settings view

We recently released the app settings view, which provides a global location to display an app's settings! This feature is not a traditional view but functions similarly by enabling developers to render any content inside an iframe.

App trial period expiration notification

Users will now receive a notification from monday when an app's trial period expires and will be prompted to pick a new plan to continue using the app. Check out our extending trials doc to see what the notification will look like!

Install apps in specific workspaces!

Hello everyone!

Get ready for app insights!

We’re excited to announce the value-created type in our SDK!