Workdocs serve as a central place for teams to plan and execute work in a collaborative format. They are like virtual whiteboards that allow you to jot down notes, create charts, and populate items on a board from the text you type.

Docs allow teams to collaborate in real time without overwriting each other's work. Users can even implement built-in features like widgets, templates, and apps to enhance their docs. Check out this article to learn more about the workdocs product!

Docs queries

Required scope: docs:read

You can only use docs at the root of your query. It cannot be nested within another query. Querying docs will return a collection of docs.

query {
  docs (ids: 123456789, limit: 1) {
    created_by {
let query = "query { docs (ids: 123456789, limit: 1) { id object_id created_by { id name }} settings }";

fetch ("", {
  method: 'post',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Authorization' : 'YourSuperSecretAPIkey'
   body: JSON.stringify({
     query : query
   .then(res => res.json())
   .then(res => console.log(JSON.stringify(res, null, 2)));


These arguments can reduce the number of docs returned.

ids [Int]The specific docs to return.
limit IntThe number of docs to get. The default is 25.
page IntThe page number to return. Starts at 1.
order_by DocsOrderByThe order in which to retrieve your boards: created_at or used_at. The default shows created_at with the newest docs listed first. This argument will not be applied if you query docs by specific ids.
workspace_ids [Int]A list of workspace ids that contain the docs.


Fields are used to return specific properties in an object. The following fields will determine what information is returned from your docs query.

FieldDescriptionSupported arguments
blocks [DocumentBlock]The document's content blocks. You can read more information about blocks here.limit Int
page Int
created_at DateThe document's creation date.
created_by UserThe document's creator.
id Int!The document's unique identifier.
name String!The document's name.
object_id Int!The associated board or object's unique identifier.
doc_folder_id IntThe unique identifier of the folder that contains the doc.
workspace_id IntThe unique identifier of the workspace that contains the doc. Returns null for the main workspace.
workspace WorkspaceThe workspace that contains this document. Returns null for the main workspace.
url StringThe document's direct URL.
relative_url StringThe document's relative URL.
doc_kind BoardKind!The document's kind: public, private, or share.
settings JSONThe document's settings.

Settings field

The settings field returns document-level settings. You can view a sample payload below, but keep in mind that the API will return payloads in a slightly different format using escaped JSON.

  "fontSize": "small", // "small", "normal", or "large"
  "hasTitle": true, // true or false
  "coverPhoto": {
    "isEnabled": true, // true or false
    "imageUrl": "", 
    "fromTop": 0
  "fontFamily": "Serif", // "Serif", "Mono", or "Default"
  "isPageLayout": true, // true or false
  "backgroundColor": "var(--color-sofia_pink-selected)", 
  "isFullWidthMode": false, // true or false
  "backgroundPattern": null, // "sticky-note", "notepad", or "cubes-notepad"
  "showTableOfContent": true // true or false


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