Column types reference

In this section, you can find examples of changing the column values of different types. The expected formatting will vary depending on which column type's value you're attempting to change. Some columns will accept only JSON values, and some will accept both Strings and JSON values.

Column types

Some of the columns in are auto-calculated based on other properties. These columns cannot be updated via the API, read via the API, or both.

Our API partially supports select columns. With these columns, you can either read or update via the API, but you can't do both.

Supported columns

  • Checkbox column
  • Connect boards column
  • Country column
  • Date column
  • Dependency column
  • Dropdown column
  • Email column
  • Hour column
  • Item name column
  • Link column
  • Location column
  • Long text column
  • Numbers column
  • People column
  • Phone column
  • Rating column
  • Status column
  • Tags column
  • Text column
  • Timeline column
  • Week column
  • World clock column

Partially supported columns

  • Button column (read-only)
  • Color picker column (read-only)
  • Creation log column (read-only)
  • Files column (read-only)
  • Last updated column (read-only)
  • Mirror column (read-only)
  • Time tracking column (read-only)
  • Vote column (read-only)

Unsupported columns

  • Auto number column
  • Formula column
  • Item ID column
  • Progress tracking column


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