Start building your integration with

The design decisions, development tasks, and documentation you need to integrate your platform with

The platform contains a workflow engine that allows users to connect their workflows with any third-party tool. Users can compose automated workflows by connecting different kinds of "blocks".

In this article, we'll explain the journey of building an integration with

Step 1: Choose the direction of your integration

Decide is if you want to build an integration from monday to your tool, or vice versa. You can also build both!

From our experience, the simplest integration sends data from monday to a third-party system. For example, "When a status changes in monday, create an item in Github". For this, you'll need to build an action block.


See a real-world example

If you prefer to learn by doing, we have prepared a sample app that integrates with Github. It contains both inbound and outbound recipes, and can be set up in 10 minutes: Github Integration Sample

Step 2: Build the thing!

Once you've decided the direction of your integration, you can start building!

Here are the tasks you'll need to complete as you build your integration with monday. We've split it into inbound and outbound integrations. ➑️ your product (inbound integrations)

To send data from monday into your product, you'll need to implement the following:

  • An action block
  • An authorization flow (only if the third-party product requires it)
  • Custom mapping fields (recommended but optional)
  • Custom dropdown fields (optional)

If you want to start with a low-effort integration, we recommend building an inbound integration first.

Useful docs for inbound integrations

Your product ➑️ (outbound integrations)

To send data from your product into monday, you'll need to implement:

  • A trigger block
  • Authorization (only if the third-party product requires it)
  • Custom mapping fields (recommended but optional)
  • Custom dropdown fields (optional)

Useful docs for outbound integrations

Step 3: Submit your app to the monday apps marketplace

Once you've finished building your app, you can submit your app to the marketplace: Submit to the app marketplace

We recommend starting this process when you're 90% done with development, as the marketplace review team may give further feedback about your app.


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