Marketplace app ratings

The recently released app rating feature allows users to leave ratings for apps installed on their accounts. Users that have apps installed on their accounts can also view the ratings and actual scores each app has on the installed app page.

This feature gives users confidence when installing apps and provides them with helpful information to decide whether or not they want to install the app.

The ratings also create an opportunity for marketplace partners to learn from users. Users can provide feedback through their ratings to help developers improve their apps. We will only allow ratings from current or past app users to eliminate invalid ratings from users who haven't installed the app.

Marketplace partners can also reach out to super users or admins who installed the app through the webhooks information to gather additional information about their overall impression of the app.

This new feature will improve the overall quality of apps in the marketplace and create a path for marketplace partners to learn from users. How exciting!

How it works

Users can only rate apps that they currently have installed on their accounts. They can leave a rating using a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is low, and 5 is high. They can also leave text feedback if they wish.

Users can view ratings and actual scores for each app installed on their account on the installed app page. If an app doesn't have ratings or hasn't yet reached the minimum threshold, users will not see any data for that particular app.


How will monday ensure that no damage is done to apps while releasing the first version of the feature?

We've established a minimum threshold of reviewers to avoid damage to an app's rating. Each app must have 10 to 15 reviews before the average score appears on the app card. We also ensure that one negative review cannot destroy an app's rating by displaying the average score.

We also carefully monitor the overall and individual app ratings to mitigate any risks of damage.

How will monday manage "fake" ratings?

We're treating trial users differently than paying users. We will register ratings from trial users, but they will not impact the rating calculations.

Can users change or update their ratings?

Yes, users can update their ratings. Any updates they make will overwrite the previous ratings that they gave.

How often can users rate an app?

Currently, there is no limit to how often users can rate an app or update their rating.

Can users rate an app they previously installed on their account but removed?

No! Users can only rate apps that they currently have installed on their accounts.

My app has a low average rating. Can I contact users to understand the feedback better?

Currently, you can't contact regular users to discuss their feedback. You can, however, reach out to super users, recent app installers, or new subscribers through the email address shared in the install webhook.

Can multiple users leave ratings from the same account?

Yes, as long as the app is installed on the account, multiple users can leave a rating for the same app.

Will marketplace partners know the version of their app that the user rated?

In the first version of the app rating feature, no. However, we'll consider adding in the future based on relevant feedback.