Partner Program

The monday app marketplace Partner Program helps support and empower our app developers on their journey toward success. Through this initiative, we strive to provide a collaborative community that nurtures innovation, amplifies exposure, and drives mutual growth.

With a range of benefits and resources tailored to their unique needs, our Partner Program is the key to unlocking endless possibilities. This guide will walk you through the program requirements, benefits, and how you can become a partner. Let's get started!


The Marketplace Partner Program is divided into four tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. In addition to the requirements all apps must fulfill to be listed in the marketplace (see more here), each tier has additional requirements that your app must meet to participate in the program.

Below you can find a full breakdown of the requirements according to tier.

Apps rating-4+4+4.5+
Monetized by mondayYesYesYesYes
Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA)< 48 hours< 48 hours< 24 hours< 24 hours
Security Questionnaire-YesYesYes
Customer success story--YesYes
Minimum marketplace annual recurring revenue (ARR) from native monetization$5K$75K$300K$1M

*Quarterly performance evaluations will be conducted to ensure that all requirements are met.

Your benefits

Now that you know the requirements, you may be wondering what's in it for you. Being a Marketplace Partner comes with a variety of benefits, including help earning higher revenue, more marketing resources, and increased support from the marketplace team as you progress to higher tiers.

The table below walks through each benefit that partners get based on their tier.

Benefit categoryBenefitBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
EconomicPayments & sales reportsMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyBi-Weekly
EnablementMarketplace Analytics (launching Q1 2024)YesYesYesCustom
EnablementAccess to the product roadmap-YesYesClosed forum
EnablementBusiness review with monday marketplace leadership---Yes
MarketingPartner badge in the marketplace
(indicates to users that you met advanced requirements)
MarketingEvent participationYesYesPrioritizedPrioritized
MarketingMarketplace placement (Featured category, suggestions, and more)YesYesPrioritizedPrioritized
MarketingCo-marketing opportunities (app launch and ongoing marketing support)ConsideredPreferredPrioritizedPrioritized
MarketingAccess to sales enablement activities
(The option to join monday’s app introduction webinars, register in the internal directory, and more)
SupportSupport response time (business hours)< 48 hours< 48 hours< 24 hours< 24 hours
SupportApp management requests (business hours)< 48 hours< 48 hours< 24 hours< 24 hours
SupportPartner Success Manager (a dedicated success manager to accompany you throughout your partnership journey and provide ongoing guidance, support, and valuable product feedback)-Office hoursOffice hoursDedicated
SupportAdditional pricing tier options--YesYes

Please note that the marketplace partner program is subject to change, as determined by, at its sole discretion.


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